Man spraying moss remover

Power Sweeping

Surfaces that are old or not regularly maintained bring with them issues like vegetation growth and cause deterioration such as fretting.

Fretting is the surface layer breaking up and it is not possible to power wash these deteriorated areas without causing more damage.   

The shadow of nearby buildings, overhanging trees and irregular use can also add to these problems encouraging moss and algal growth which attacks and breaks down the surface layer. This can greatly affect the cosmetic appearance and the safety of the surface. Regular maintenance of any surface has proven an extended life of the tarmac and provides huge cost savings in the long term.

At Sports and Courts Line Marking we provide a Power Sweeping service to mechanically power sweep and remove all loose debris from any hard surface with our mechanical power sweeper collector system.

An organic moss and algae treatments can then be applied. We use recognised products that are environmentally safe for animal life and the user of the facility.

These products offer the capability to kill moss and any spores.