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We understand that your sports surface is an asset and keeping it looking its best at all times is important to you and the users.

Hard Surface Line Marking

Whether you are a Tennis Club, Leisure Centre, Council or School we understand that your sports surface is an asset and keeping it looking its best at all times is important to you and the users.

We use laser guided technology to ensure perfectly straight lines and right angles, leaving you with professional looking courts every time.

All Lines and zones are measured to the latest sports industry standards.

We have installed Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Athletics, Running Tracks and many more.

We can also provide tailored or bespoke measurements for customers who have a sports surface or MUGA that may not accommodate a full-size pitch or court. And designs for customers who require something other than standard sports markings, e.g. training grids.

All of our professionally trained operatives are competent in the operation of our machinery and the installation of the lines, to give you the best possible outcome for your sports surface and the needs of its users.



If you need further advice about having your lines marked out, Contact Us and we will answer any questions you may have.

Lowering Our Impact...

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With the ever-growing concerns about the environment, wildlife and how the products we use can affect them, at Sports And Courts Line Marking Ltd we feel it is important to keep our impact to a minimum.

Our laser guided line marking system is manually driven, using only a small amount of electricity for the pump and line marking guide. This eliminates the need for fuel driven machinery which in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

​We use a durable water based, non-hazardous paint to mark out your lines, reducing harmful fumes and toxins given off by products such as polyurethane based paints. This makes our paint much safer for our staff, the surface users and the environment which is great news for everyone!

Our paint can be used on Asphalt ( Tarmac / Macadam ) or concrete surfaces.

This provides painted or sprayed lines that comply with Slip resistant standards and specification ITF CS/02/01 (ITF 1997) and AENA where required.

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Our hard sports surface paint comes

in a variety of colours

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Red

  • Blue


Other colour options are available

on request

Re-marking of the lines on tarmac surfaces will depend on the surface condition and level of use.


Line painting using water-based paints usually happens between March and October. The paint needs a dry surface and ground temperatures of at least 12 degrees for 24 hours to fully cure. Due to weather and temperature conditions during the winter months it is not advised to have lines marked out, get booked in with us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. If you do require your lines marking out during the winter period, contact us and we can discuss alternative options with you.

It is also useful to note that your sports surface will need be out of use for the duration of the day(s) we are on site and possibly the following day dependant on the weather. This is for the surface user’s safety whilst we are using the equipment and so that the paint has the optimal time to cure before normal use commences.

If you need further advice about having your lines marked out, Contact Us and we will answer any questions you may have.

Water Based VS Solvent Based
(Two Pack Polyurethane)


Although Polyurethane and chlorinated rubber based paints can last longer per application, they can potentially cause other issues.

­- application can cause harmful chemicals and gasses to be released into the environment

- can become brittle and brake up leaving large paint chips and debris on the surface

- repeated application can cause paint build-up which can alter the play of the ball

- protruding lines potentially become a tripping hazard for the user which is a health and safety risk nobody wants!









Water based acrylic paints are designed specifically for use on hard sports surfaces with the following in mind.

- to wear down evenly with use and play instead of breaking up

- doesn’t create a build up of paint with multiple applications, becoming a potential tripping hazard

- durable and hard wearing but saves the integrity of the tarmac

- does not produce harmful fumes during or after application

- lower cost per application


We also offer Artificial Sports Turf Line marking


Photo shows an example of a surface where both types of paint have been used. The white line is a polyurathane based paint and yellow line is water based paint. These photos were taken before an over-mark application was carried out. Both markings have been on the surface for a considerable amount of time and show signs of wear.