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Regular maintenance has proven to extend the life of all sports surfaces and provides huge financial savings in the long term.

Surface Cleaning

Have your courts been neglected?

Has moss made an appearance?

Has your surface become slippery?

With age and a lack of maintenance your surfaces will develop problems such as moss and algae growth and become prone to deterioration.

The shadow of nearby buildings, overhanging trees and irregular use can also add to these problems This can affect the cosmetic appearance, safety and integrity of the surface.

Prevention is better than cure!!

Regular maintenance has proven to extend the life of all sports surfaces and provides huge financial savings in the long term.
Sports and Courts Line Marking provides power sweeping, power washing and programmes for regular moss and algae treatment that meet and the required needs of our customers specific surface.

If you have a surface in need of cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us for a site survey and free no obligation quotation.

Once we have conducted a site survey, we will be able to advise you on which of the following options would be beneficial.


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There are two main reasons you might need this service.

1: Your surface has started to deteriorate and the bitumen holding the aggregate together is breaking down leaving loose gravel on the courts, causing a potential slipping hazard to the players.

2: Leaves and branches that have fallen from trees, litter and contaminants brought on by players shoes are sat on the courts surface. If these are not regularly removed, they can decay and become silt and dirt that clogs the pores in the tarmac and can cause drainage issues.

We have a variety of equipment for different sports surfaces that sweep collect and remove these contaminants.


Power Wash

Moss & Algae Control


With its damp, mild climate the UK is a haven for all vegetation growth, creating beautiful forests and green landscapes.


That also means it’s perfect for algae and moss too, both are experts at growing on almost any surface they come into contact with.

There are many circumstances where moss and algae are not welcome and in most cases it is an aesthetic choice. But this can become a major problem for any sports surface, making the area slippery and hazardous to play on, moss can even affect the integrity of the tarmacadam leading to costly repairs.

Dirt and silt sitting in the pours of the tarmac along with shadowed areas from over-hanging trees, buildings and even kick boards create areas which retain moisture, these conditions will encourage moss and algae growth if not treated.

The only way to prevent moss and algae growth is to make sure you are having your surfaces treated regularly.

Sports and Courts Line Marking Ltd use recognised products that are safe for the environment, animal life and the user of the facility. There are no restrictions for play to stop on the day we only ask that the surface that we are spraying is kept clear during application.

It can be applied quickly and easily and players can resume using the surface straight after we have vacated the area. These products are residual and offer the capability to kill moss, alae and any spores preventing the problem from coming back for several months.

Often the contamination is below the surface causing issues with porosity and drainage.

The purpose of power washing is to get into the pores of the tarmac and remove the silt and dirt that a power sweep may not be able to reach.

We have several methods of power washing. We use a Hydrofast machine along with high pressure pumps and lances to remove all the moss, algae and dirt from deep within the pours of the tarmac

Some tarmacadam may be more fragile due to age, weathering and usage. These areas need special attention and our operatives are trained to adjust the pressure and hight of the water dependant on the condition, giving it a thorough clean without affecting the integrity.

The whole surface is then cleared to ensure all un-desired elements are removed effectively, leaving them clean and safe.

Power Sweep & Collection