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Sports Surface Cleaning & Maintenance



It’s a fact that there has to be a degree of care and maintenance of everything around us in order to keep it safe and maximise the life of anything we use or invest in. This is the same for sports or playground surfaces to ensure they are safe for the user and to ensure the maximum return of its potential for the enjoyment of all who use it.


Surfaces that are old or not regularly maintained bring with them inherent problems and can become prone to vegetation growth and deterioration. The shadow of nearby buildings, overhanging trees and irregular use can also add to these problems without regular maintenance. This can greatly affect the cosmetic appearance and the safety of the surface. Long term regular maintenance of any surface has proven an extended life of the tarmacadam and provides huge cost savings in the long term.

© 2016 Sports & Courts Line Marking
© 2016 Sports & Courts Line Marking

Hard Surface courts with dirt, moss and algae before cleaning

© 2016 Sports & Courts Line Marking
© 2016 Sports & Courts Line Marking

Hard surface courts after cleaning

At Sports and Courts Line Marking we power wash, power sweep and repair a variety of sports surfaces including programmes for the treatment and control of moss and algae.


We provide cleaning and maintenance programs that can be suited to the customers required needs ranging from Playgrounds to Tennis and sports courts on macadam or Polymeric rubber surfaces.


Moss and Algae Control

Moss and algae is the enemy and will drastically reduce the life time and safe playing environment for any surface.

Sports and Courts Line Marking Ltd use recognised products that are safe for the environment, animal life and the user of the facility.

These products offer the capability to kill moss and any spores. After cleaning we can provide a residual barrier control which holds back the re-growth or reoccurrence of moss or algae for several months.


Deep Cleaning

Sports and Courts Line Marking ltd use several methods of power washing to suit the need of the particular surface or problem that needs attention or eradicating.

Often the contamination is below the surface causing issues with porosity and drainage and encourages moss and algae growth in the grain of the macadam which then leads to fretting. These methods are used to soften the silt and detritus, algae and moss to lift it from the grain of the tarmac ensuring the most stubborn ingress of moss, algae and contaminants are removed. The whole surface is then cleared to ensure all un-desired elements are removed effectively.

If you have a surface in need of cleaning please do not hesitate to contact us for a site survey and free no obligation quotation.

Half a clean tennis court half a dirty tennis court
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